The cure of Shri Vasu Bhardwaj is nothing short of a miracle where medical science failed to cure the case of Multiple Myeloma in an advanced stage, the grace of Shri Guru Granth Sahib has completely healed him. This deadly disease had afflicted him in the worst form. The parameters for the disease revealed it to be in severe form. His repeated examinations confirmed relief and he is continued to be normal till this review. He is enjoying good health now without any problem. The reports showed high B-2 Microglobulin, Monoclonalgammopathy and metastasis into the bones. He had his treatment for nearly two years with downhill course of his health. The doctors had clearly told him to be prepared for the approaching death. At that state of health when he was unable to support himself, he visited Sri Darbar Sahib [Golden Temple], Amritsar. He listened to Gurbani recitation for 48 hours on a stretch. He was fully cured in this time. He could walk of his own and eat full meals. He is under regular check up and his repeated examinations confirmed permanent cure for so many years by now. This is the best example of cure for a person who does not understand much of Gurbani, and still he stands cured. He was cured in 2002 and is under regular check up