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The cure of Shri Vasu Bhardwaj is nothing short of a miracle where medical science failed to cure the case of Multiple Myeloma in an advanced stage, the grace of Shri Guru Granth Sahib has completely healed him. We have been serving the cause of helpless and desperate patients suffering from incurable diseases of all type-surgical and medical. It was the benevolence of God and Shri Guru Granth Sahib that we have been able to contribute a lot to this cause.

Anik upavee rog na jai ||
Rog mitai har avkhadh lai || (ang 288)
When numerous remedies fail in ailments,
Applying Name medicine, vanish the ailments. (Page 288)
Dukh rog santap utre suni sachee bani || (panna 922)

Hearing the True Gurbani removes all sorrows, ailments and torments. (Page 922)


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The medical science is progressing at neck breaking speed and many drugs are being invented to treat the hitherto incurable diseases. The discovery of stem cells ability to take up any function of the needed cells in the body is great. One can think of changing the genes at the time of single cell foetus. So many possibilities can be imagined. We are with the growth of the science and are not opposed to any such development. The science has prolonged the life expectancy and now there are more old people among ourselves than any time earlier. The death does come and aging is there and there are many problems specific to old age .One can say the number of sick people remain the same as ever. The fear of viral diseases is increasing and we are unable to keep pace with the mutations that these virus particles can make. So we don’t have medicines to treat such nasty viruses and there so many incurable diseases even today and science can hardly do anything. So there was need of such a mission which is exceptional and we have not seen any similar organization doing this job so successfully from the last 20 years.

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