Could you please provide a brief description of how this organization came into existence?

Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam MissionChandigarhcame into existence in 1983. At that time I was serving as a Secretary of Health and Medical Education to the Punjab Government. I was personally suffering from a heart enlargement and had tried all types of allopathic, homeopathic, and aryuvedic treatments but nothing had helped me. At last, after reciting God’s name for 6 hours daily, I was cured in 3 months. This incident gave me the inspiration that all ailments can be treated through reciting God’s name and Gurbani. In order to create awareness about the healing powers of Name- medicine, I started giving lectures. While giving a lecture in a well-renowned medical institute, I was approached by a senior doctor who advised me to test this methodology further in the general public. We were surprised to see the amazing results of the first five day healing camp held at a Sikh temple. The camp was conducted under the direct supervision of another senior heart specialist who offered his own patients as the first test subjects. Upon seeing the exceptional outcome of this healing camp, we arranged for another to held inChandigarh. The second camp surpassed the results of the first and suggestions came pouring in from the sangat/ congregation which motivated us to set up an organization which would conduct similar camps all overIndia. The name proposed by the Sangat was Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam and thus the foundation for this mission was laid. Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam is a line from Gurbani, which signifies that Divine Name is the medicine for all types of ailments and sufferings.

What are the objectives of this mission?

Our primary goal is to explore the potential of the healing power of Name- medicine i.e. the Inner Power by arranging healing camps and by setting up a Medical Research and Treatment Centre for conducting research and for treatments.

What do we understand from Name- medicine i.e. The Inner Power?

Name- medicine i.e. inner power resides in all human beings, Access to it can be attained through four components. Singing, chanting, listening and meditating the divine name i.e. one word denoting Name of God by following the methodologies and techniques ordained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib i.e. Gurbani. Singing, reciting and hearing Gurbani and contemplating the teachings contained in Gurbani. Cultivating faith in the healing powers of god and as remover of all sorrows, sins and obstacles through singing and reciting selected hymns from Gurbani. Discipline and self-restraints in terms of diet care, personal hygiene and conduct, Congregational singing and hearing divine name and Gurbani leads to quicker results

What are the fundamental causes of ailments?

According to Gurbani, the underlying causes of ailments are: over-eating, unsuitable diet, intoxicants, excessive sleep, fear, tension, worry, restlessness, negative attitude, sorrow, anger, bad temper, hatred, evil and sinful deeds etc.

In your opinion, what do we need to do in order to lead a healthy lifestyle?

The ten invaluable virtues which will help to get rid of all disease and allow us to enjoy excellent health are:

  • To be always happy and in high spirits
  • To speak truth and follow truthful conduct
  • To accept his will with a smile an remain poised
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Fearlessness
  • To treat alike joy and sorrow, honor and dishonor and forsake flattery or calumny
    To be free from desires and be content in his will
    Selfless and humanitarian service
How effective is the Name- medicine?

It is very effective and we continue to observe excellent results in the five day camps. We recently conducted three camps in the Metro Toronto area. We received 300 reports with various levels of improvement even up to 100% in certain cases. Patients suffering from incurable disease get significant relief and some incurable cases were fully cured.

Does the Name- medicine contradict other available medical treatments?

No. It can be combined with other treatments to lead to quicker results.

Can anyone follow this process?

Yes, the message of Gurbani is universal. Anyone can follow this process and obtain its benefits.

How useful is the Name- medicine? Are there an special reasons for adopting Name- medicine when medical science provides excellent facilities and treatments for cure of ailments?

Yes, there are some special reasons indicative of usefulness of Name- medicine.

Sufferings and diseases are per God’s Will and are due to sins. So long as sin is not atoned for, a person does not get proper medicine from the proper physician and he wanders from pillar to post in order to obtain relief from suffering. Sins are washed by Name- medicine but not with medicines. After sins are washed, no room is left for ailments and sorrows to stay and, therefore, proper treatment becomes available. Various systems of medicine prescribe different medicines for different diseases. Many diseases cannot be cured with medicines. The uniqueness of the Name- medicine is that it is effective for all ailments. Medicines are very costly and have to be purchased from chemist’s shops. The name- medicine is free and is within everyone. It is available for everyone at all times. Medicines have their side effects and some patients are allergic to them. Uniqueness of Name medicine is that along with the disease eradication, all sins and sorrows are also destroyed. Thus it is twice blessed. Name medicine suits all types of sick persons. Overdoes of medicine is harmful. On the other hand, the greater the use of the Name medicine, the greater the benefit. Numerous persons suffer from tension, restlessness, and anxiety without and particular physical ailment. Insomnia and bad dreams are a common complaint. The Name medicine removes all these tension, anxieties, fears and agonies and induces sound dreamless sleep. No doubt, strenuous effort, self-restraint and single minded devotion are essential for the use of divine Name medicine. With total faith, even serious chronic diseases are cured in no time.

What types of patients show up in your camps?

Most often, the people who come to our camps are suffering from mental and physical ailments such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, joint pains, arthritis, cardio vascular diseases, cancer, and with family problems. Moreover, some parents avail of the Name- medicine to get their small or retarded children cured, who cannot themselves cultivate faith by singing and hearing Divine Name and Gurbani. Anyone cultivating faith in the healing powers of Gov can cure anyone, whether present or not in the camp.