The Founder

Anik upavee rog na jai ||
Rog mitai har avkhadh lai || (ang 288)
When numerous remedies fail in ailments,
Applying Name medicine, vanish the ailments. (Page 288)
Dukh rog santap utre suni sachee bani || (panna 922)
Hearing the True Gurbani removes all sorrows, ailments and torments. (Page 922)

With Satguru Ji’s blessing and the congregation’s prayer, Sarab Rog Ka Aukhaad Naam Mission was established in 1983 as a charitable registered organization.
The Mission’s primary objective was to disseminate the message of Gurbani, the power of Divine Name and their ability to cure mental and physical ailments to the Gursikh sangat. The first Healing Camp was organized at Sri Goindwal Sahib on the auspicious occasion of Vaisakhi in 1983. At the conclusion of the camp, the astonishing results reaffirmed the power of the Gurbani couplets written below. It also encouraged Sardar Hardial Singh Ji (I.A.S. Retd.) to continue holding these Healing camps all overIndiawith renewed vigour. Since 1993 similar camps are being held abroad. The individuals who have had the opportunity to participate in these Healing camps in both India and abroad have experienced the eternal truth of Gurbani. We pray that Satguru Ji will bestow the volunteers of this Mission with earnest efforts, honesty, devotion, and resources.

Sri Guru Amardas Naam Simran & Health Center s under construction on a 1-acre piece of land located at a distance of 9 km from Kapurthala. Aside from the Gurudwara Sahib, 48 residential quarters (with attached bathrooms) are being constructed. A lecture hall and library will also be available as a venue for discourse about Gurmat and Gurbani. Amenities such as a gym and meals will also be provided. It is estimated that this project will cost approximately 1.5 crore rupees. The location of the Center is shown on the map below:

Aside from three-wheeler transport service, buses also run every hour from Kapurthala to Surakhpur. The prominent historical Gurudwaras of Goindwal Sahib and Sultanpur Sahib are located 25 km and 35 km away from the center respectively. To reach Amritsar Sahib, buses are available at a distance of 14 km from the Center in the village of Dhilvan.

With the blessings of Satguru Ji and the efforts of dedicated volunteers these camps continue to be held successfully. Nevertheless, there remains a lot to do in this field. For instance, a medical institute is required to testify the clinical validity of the results obtained in the Healing camps. To bring to light the immense power of Divine Name/Gurbani a number of exemplary organizations are needed.